Why is the French language so complicated?

The French language is considered to be one of the most complex and difficult languages to learn, and this is due to several factors. These include the language’s grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary, and cultural nuances. French Grammar is Difficult! Firstly, French grammar is notoriously complex, especially for English speakers. The language has gendered nouns, meaning that … Read more

Why is the French Language so stupid?

It’s a question I’ve been asked and several do ask online so I think it’s necessary that I address this. As much as I didn’t really want to! But hear goes. One possible reason that some people believe the French language is ‘stupid’ is that the French language has a complex grammar and pronunciation system … Read more

Can I Learn French by Watching TV and Movies?

It would be ideal. Put your feet up, a glass of wine next to you and put on a classic French movie. You don’t understand French but 90 minutes later, you’ll be able to converse with the locals in their native tongue. Except, that’s not the outcome. The more likely outcome is you’ll be glued … Read more

What Level of French Would I Need to Live in France?

France, being the most popular tourist destination in the world (source) has many people considering moving there. With its beautiful scenery from the rolling green fields of the North to the mountains in the South, the geography is diverse – as is the culture. Of course, living in any non-English speaking country has its challenges, … Read more

Ultimate Study Plan for Learning French Quickly

I wasted a lot of time when initially learning French as, quite simply, I didn’t know how I should go about it. I only originally had an hour a day to learn and found myself wasting most of that time on methods that weren’t moving me in the right direction quickly enough. The very best … Read more

What Does French Level B2 mean?

You may have heard the term French B2 from your teacher, other students or even potentially on a job advert, where a particular company is looking for a French-speaking individual who is at least at the B2 level as far as language proficiency is concerned. If you can speak French at a language level of … Read more

Can you learn French when you’re over 50?

learn french when older than 50

Doubt can be the biggest enemy to anyone wanting to learn anything new, not just another language, such as French. These doubts typically increase as you get older, and particularly when you reach the ‘Golden Age’ (I hate this term!). Concerns about your mental ability diminishing and worries about whether there’s even any point are … Read more

Is French A Useful Language? – 2023 Verdict

You may need to learn French for business or perhaps for another reason that may not necessarily be long-term. It can require a huge effort if the only value you’ll get out of it is short-lived. Therefore, it’s a valid question to ask as to whether French is useful for any other reason than you … Read more

Can I Learn French by Watching French TV? – the only answer!

Anyone who has embarked on the fascinating, never-ending journey of learning a new language will always be looking for new (and old) ways of trying to absorb the language in different (read: quicker) ways. There are the older, more traditional ways, such as course books and face-to-face lessons. Then, there are the more modern methods, … Read more

Can I learn French in 4 months? – Yes!

Learning French in 4 months

Everyone would like to learn another language in the quickest time possible. There’s nothing wrong with having this as a dream – but is it possible to make it a reality? The idea of learning a language in a short, very intensive time-frame is not a new one. It’s apparent that many have tried and … Read more